About Just Say’n Art

Just Say’n Art is a venue to facilitate the expression of who you are through art.

Art emerges in many forms and how it takes shape is sparked with a memory, a moment, and an event. Whether you desire to wear it, use it, or hang it, we can craft it.

Just Say’n Art will bring your vision to life by creating one of a kind works of art that articulates the unique individual you are; through Fashion, Furniture, and Fine Arts. The evolution of Just Say’n Art was birthed out of the passion for life, family, and friendships, to capture moments in time through Art.

About the Artist

I am a primarily a self taught artist with a passion to explore and push creative boundaries in many areas of art and artistic expression.

My love for art has taken shape and grown through experiences in a variety of venues: textiles, furnishings, portraits, commercial, college institution, and private interior art, photography, teaching art at the high school level, running and operating a print shop, commercial art to graphics. I find particular enjoyment working with others, honing and bringing to life their visions and expressing it in a personal way.

As a mother of 4 children I wear many hats, and continually discover different venues to satisfy my desires for a creative outlet. Raising four athletes, the kitchen has become my studio for culinary creations and will always be one of my favorite playgrounds.

My art encompasses many forms, emanating from my love for fashion, the fine lines of furniture, my need to create and my love for life and nature… It intoxicates me and provides inspiration to explore and create, letting the ideas flow and leading my artistic journey!!!!!

I have a love for yesterdays treasures and the curiosity for today’s innovations. There is an intrigue for anything that has stood the test of time… The beauty and character of a patina creates the most amazing canvas.

Embrace life…

Explore the possibilities…

Express it through ART…Just Say’n…..

– Jo Gapczynski

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  1. Ron Kritzer
    February 1, 2013 @ 4:17 am

    Proof that I was here. Your Bio was well written. I wish you much success!